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Patrick Laine

Speaker, Published Author, Trainer & Energy Coach

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Hi, Patrick here! If you are anything like me, you too have experienced the Great Weight Roller Coaster TM having gained and lost weight many times… up until now!  I’ve devised a process, artistic as it may be, that will uncover the highest version of yourself where you'll show up better at work and at play ;).  We've used this tried & true method with hundreds of people and with a 100% success rate!

My Story

I was raised to be a teacher or a government worker.  After 5 years of graduate school and 3 years of government work, I realized my greater purpose. After spending my 20's and 30's shitfaced, I found myself and everyone noticed.  The best part is I realized the process that worked for me, worked for everyone.  I'm not as unique as I thought.  I can honestly say, it’s just fun.


I was overweight, wasted, achy knees, and tired all the time.  It seemed there had to be a better way.  I was a blast at parties, everyone loves the crazy drunk guy (or at least they love laughing at him).  

My message to you is that it is okay to be you.  Give yourself permission to live in the body of your dreams and sustain the energy you had 20 years ago.  We'll teach you how to live forever.  Are you ready to find your perfect diet and lifestyle?   


My Core Values 


Most people say time is the greatest resource.  Those people are wrong.  Time is useless without energy.  Protect your energy at ALL cost.   


The most important component to me is how I can be held accountable along with you for your success… as a coach, and as a friend.


There’s nothing more important than family and community.  How we show up for others speaks volumes about who we are, and what mark we will leave on the world.


We may not have experienced what others are going through, but we surely can imagine ourselves in their shoes, if even for a few moments. Empathy is one of the most important traits we can exhibit, and whether or not we show empathy to others reveals a lot about our own character.

Dr. Patrick

 is a Trainer & Health Mentor, published Author, Speaker, and Community Advocate!


He shares his fail proof approach for sustained health & vitality. 


To support you in fast-tracking your mental & physical health, Patrick applies his experience and perfected approach using the Fit Faced Assessment Tool (FFAT), leading an insightful, dedicated team of Coaches in implementing its proven science to benefit professionals, parents, and organizations. 


From stay at home moms, to CEOs, to mechanics or school teachers, Getting Fit Faced changes lives ​​– always leading to fulfillment of your greatest health wishes.    


“Getting Fit Faced helps you uncover all of the unhealthy associations holding you back and supports you in removing what doesn’t serve you - including thoughts, relationships, social media, work, stress, pain - all to provide effortless freedom, control, and vitality beyond your wildest dreams”


Control your Life, Assess for Success, and Implement the Steps to serve YOU!

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