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Confident, Alive & Ready-to-go
for your


A 12-week, 1-1 health optimization journey with unconventional health coach Patrick Laine.

No diets. No food tracking. Just optimize your lifestyle.





Does this sound familiar?

I can't keep up with my energetic kids

I don't like the way I look in the mirror

I feel my age with joint & body pains

I've tried everything and nothing sticks

I've been prescribed medication to remedy my healthy struggles

If I keep going down this path, something serious is going to happen

Organic Blueberries


Optimize what you consume. Be the owner of your life.


Love the foods that love you back and start to nourish your body


Make it a habit to drink the #1 thing your body needs to thrive. Water!


Learn how to breathe so you control your mental & emotional state on demand


Become intentional about the content you consume & the thoughts you think


Optimize your surroundings to serve you and minimize toxicity


What Patrick's clients say

Sleep better

"I wake up at 5 in the morning, on my own and I know how to have a good night sleep"
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Maybe this is all obvious to you.

So why do most people still stay stuck?

Most information available on how to optimize your consumption is confusing & conflicting

Setting these habits in place requires accountability

Most health programs out there are designed to keep you a lifetime subscriber, never quite allowing you to take full ownership of your health





What you need to know about the program & what makes it different

No, one-size-fits-all solutions


We guide you to find the food that works for your unique body & lifestyle so by the end of it you feel like you own your consumption patterns, not the other way round.


"Thanks to Patrick, I know how to listen to my body and what it needs & when. It's very freeing becuase I'm the one in control"
"Patrick is an unapologetic, no-excuses coach. But with empathy. His strategies are often quite simple, sometimes a bit surprising and dialled right back to a step you can't talk yourself out of."


No fluff. No bullshit.


Following the program could not be more straightforward. Every step is broken down into unambiguous, actionable & practical steps. All you need is a commitment to change.

Never need a health coach again

Create a connection to your body & set habits so strong that you never rely on diets, coaches, or drill sergeant-style accountability ever again.


"Patrick loosened his grip on the rope, the more I was ready to take over. Now I feel completely in control of my health."
Typing on a Computer
Wooden Hut

We conduct a deep discovery of where you're at now.

  • What do you eat?

  • What do you like/hate?

  • Any allergies/medications? 

  • What's your lifestyle?

This gives us the material to customize the program to you

Day 1

Glass of Milk

Based on the assesment, we provide you with a customized food guide. Each week we will update the guide based on your feedback.


This is NOT a diet. It is a journey to finding the perfect  consumption pattern for your unique body.

Small Strokes

This is where your journey becomes wholesome.


We will drill down on your breathing, mindset & habits to create lifestyle that sticks.


Learn to find your independence and 'fly the nest'.


We will work with you to hardwire your habits in your brain & re-assess your goals.

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3




Dude, You've given me what I've been searching for my entire life. I never thought I could make it this far.

Testimonial photo Ricky_edited.png


My sexual ability & stamina has been amazing. I thought you were full of sh*t, but now it's clear you were right. You changed my life.



I never knew it could be this good. The inner peace, prioritizing myself for the first time in my life and the freakin' energy I have daily is amazing

Hi, I'm Patrick


I'm a dad, a lover of life, and a driven business owner. But 10 years ago that was not the case.


I was the heaviest I had ever been, my kids were growing up fast and I felt like I was merely a spectator. Exercise was a chore, beer was a good friend and food was a crutch.

One day I stepped on the scales and saw over 200 lbs for the first time and realized: "F*ck this, my kids deserve better"


I didn't learn much in school, but earning a PhD did teach me how to learn. I slowly navigated the confusing world of "health & fitness advice" and found a simple and intuitive way to optimize my health. I lost 35 lbs, eliminated my knee pain, started enjoying my food without guilt and started to view the world through a lens of clarity & excitement. All of this without food tracking, portion control or eating salad.


I wasn't thinking about teaching my findings to others until one day my 7-year-old son, came back from a friend's birthday party saying "Dad, Kian's grandpa isn't normal." When I asked him, what 'normal' means he said "Well, he doesn't have a big belly and he doesn't grunt when he sits down like normal grandpas do"

I was shocked at how my own son, had subconsciously associated such health as normal. In that moment, I realized that if we aren't showing up as the best version of ourselves then we are setting our kids up for failure.


I made it my mission to help people show up as the best version of themselves and squeeze the juice out of life for the benefit of their families.   And that's exactly what I've been doing with parents all over the world since that day.

Are you next? Start by saying "hello".

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